What twis can do for you?

Twis helps you create meaningful experiences so your brand can build awareness with your existing and potential cusomers.

If you can create a Powerpoint presentation, you'll be able to set up a campagin in twis as well.

Easy to use drag & drop campaign builder and designer

Benefit Create a new campaign in just a few minutes.

You can design and set up your twis campaign just as you'd create a presentation. The result will be in front of you and you can move and resize the images, GIFs, stickers, and text items to set up the desired look and feel.

Multiple customization options

Benefit Build an experience that is brand fit.

The built-in customization tools (custom fonts, colors, font size, background color, etc) make it possible to set up a campaign that follows the design language of your brand. So you can create a cohesive user experience.

Hundreds of stock quality images just a click away

Benefit Visually engaging experience.

Thanks to Unsplash, you can chose from more than 1 million stock quality free photos to create a visually appealing and memorable experience for your audience.

Animated stickers to make it pop

Benefit Create visual continuity between the content on social platforms and your campaigns.

Animated stickers and animated GIFs are highly adapted elements of stories on all kind of social platforms. You can use the same stickers in your twis campaigns so you can create a bridge between the content on your social profiles and your twis experiences.

Info screens that you can use to educate your audience about the benefits of your brand

Benefit Strengthen brand awareness while having fun.

In your twis campaigns you can use a combination of informational and action screens. Info screens are a great way to teach your audience something new about your brand. You can also drive visitors to your website where they can learn more about a give topic and to strengthen their newly acquired knowledge, you can re-use this information in your campaigns as questions.

Collect names and email addresses

Benefit Grow your database.

After a great experience, members of your audience will more likely provide their names and email addresses to you so you can grow your database with highly engaged leads and potential customers.

Allow everyone to participate or set up a limit

Benefit Makes sure your participants will pay attention to the information you'd like to share with them.

You can set up a limit that participants have to reach to successfully complete your campaign. If you are setting up a higher limit, users have to pay more attention to the information you share and that helps strengthen the newly earned knowledge, which supports brand awareness and engagement.

Export the collected information

Benefit You can easily move the collected information to other tools you already use and familiar with.

Twis makes it possible to export the collected information in Excel format, that you can use as you'd like it. This format makes it easy to import the collected data to systems like Mailchimp, Convertkit, or any other tool that accepts xls or csv files.