Use cases

How can you grow with the help of twis?

From TikTok videos to twis campaigns

While grabbing the attention of your potential customers on TikTok is relatively easy, growing a database that is truly yours is a bit harder.

This is where twis can help you without completely breaking the TikTok experience.

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Grow your database with the combination of Instagram story ads and twis campaigns

Showing your key message to potential customers on Instagram is something you have to do to build a great online presence. But what if besides growing your follower base, you'd also like to build a database of potential customers you can easily reach later?

To accomplish that, you can add twis to your digital toolset.

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Go with a format that was designed for mobile

While the usage of social media and other online platforms heavily shifted to mobile, some brands are still planning to desktop in the first place.

When it comes to online campaigns, going mobile-first plays a crucial part in your success.

Campaigns built with twis follow the story format which was designed to work best on mobile devices.

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