From TikTok videos to twis campaigns

TikTok attracted a huge amount of users in the past couple of years and is heading to become (or already became) the number one social network for some age groups.

You can grow your audience on the platform with their built-in tools, but growing your database outside of it is a bit harder. That's mainly because TikTok, like other social networks, doesn't want their users to leave the platform, and there's not much you can do againts that.

Still, you can enjoy the benefits of the huge reach that TikTok provides and also grow your database and your brand. How? Well, by driving TikTok users to a mobile optimized experience that they'll enjoy to use just as much as they enjoy watching short videos inside the platform. And this is where twis can help you.

With twis, you can easily create a truly mobile experience that is engaging and fun to use. It follows the story format which is highly adapted by the users of almost all social platforms.

The main goal of twis epxeriences is to engage your potential customers, grow brand awareness and your database.

With the features provided by twis, you can create a visually consistent campaign that not just entertaining but it can also be used to educate users about your brand, services or products.

And all of this is possible without involving a developer to the process. By using the drag & drop campaign builder, anyone who can create a Powerpoint presentation is also capable to set up a twis experience.

Once you created a twis experience, you can share it on other social platforms as well. You can also use it in email campaigns, or on your website, just by adding a link that points to the twis experience.